Three Gift Ideas That Can Be Customized With Personal Photos

Locating the perfect gift for a person isn't always easy,..

Three Gift Ideas That Can Be Customized With Personal Photos

Locating the perfect gift for a person isn’t always easy, especially when they are the type of person who already has everything they want. Rather than relying on a generic gift card or other types of thoughtless gifts, consider getting them a customized item using photos of special people and events in their life. Here is a quick look at just three of the many ways to use pictures to create unique items that individuals will cherish for a lifetime.

Memory Books

A family trip can be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one of the best ways to remember the occasion is to create a memory book that is full of photographs and quotes. Many online sites make it easy to compile a memory book, and it can be the perfect way to share the moments with others. Not only are they affordable, but they are also one of a kind and show the person receiving it just how much a person cares.


Calendars are a staple in just about every home, as they help keep a family organized and ensure everyone knows about any upcoming events. A personalized version can transform a calendar into an excellent way to share and relive memories. Most can be fully customizable, and many choose to incorporate birthdates and individual photos for each month to give it an even more significant personal touch.

Customized Holiday Cards

Standard greeting cards serve a purpose, but photo cards make it easy to include photographs of a family with their holiday greetings. Most can be customized for nearly any occasion, and often are not any more expensive than stock cards. Some designs also provide space for up to 6 photos, which allows the sender to include a variety of pictures and send a card that is truly unique.

Don’t settle for dull, generic gift ideas when pictures can be used to create a custom item that will be treasured by the recipient. Most products can be designed in a matter of minutes, and will be printed and ready for shipment in a few short days. Check out the selection of customizable items available from Shutter Fly, and make any occasion more special.