How To Be Prepared For Sports Injuries

Anyone who plays a sport, coaches a sport, or works..

How To Be Prepared For Sports Injuries

Anyone who plays a sport, coaches a sport, or works with athletes in any way should be prepared to deal with injuries. Any kind of athletic activity puts strain on the body, and injury is always a risk. One of the best ways to be prepared at all times is to invest in medical bags specifically designed for sports injuries.

Types Of Bags

Pre-packed first-aid bags come in different styles and sizes. The smallest bags can fit inside a purse or gym bag, and they’re ideal for individual use. They’re just big enough to contain a few emergency essentials. Larger bags range from one to one and a half feet in height and width, and they come equipped with enough supplies to treat multiple injuries or more serious injuries. Most bags are made of water-resistant and heat-resistant nylon with mesh storage pockets.

Key Components

Common sports injuries include strained muscles, torn ligaments, sprained joints, and abrasions. Thus, a basic medical kit should contain elastic bandages, closure strips, gauze pads, medical tape, and antibiotic ointment. Larger kits may have additional supplies such as an instant cold pack, coolant spray, disinfecting spray, a tape roll, an athletic tape cutter, and nasal plugs for stopping a nosebleed.

Additional Items

In addition to the standard components of a sports first aid kit, coaches, and first responders may consider adding additional items based on the sport or on their own expertise. For example, some people add mouth covers for performing CPR and braces that are specific to common injuries in a particular sport.

Benefits Of Athletic First Aid Kits

When coaches and athletes are prepared to deal with injuries on the spot, they can respond quickly with the appropriate treatment and collaborate effectively with EMS personnel if they are called to the scene. In general, injuries heal faster and better the sooner they are treated, and wrapping or immobilizing a joint right away can prevent further injury from occurring.

Medical kits are useful for people who engage in any type of physical activity, not just players on a team. Cyclists, runners, hikers, weightlifters, and any people who engage in exercise all put strain on their bodies in order to get stronger and fitter. While injuries are not inevitable, it’s always best to be prepared to deal with them when they happen.