What No One Knows About Dogs

Basic Tips On Cat Sitting. Cats are among the pets..

What No One Knows About Dogs

Basic Tips On Cat Sitting.

Cats are among the pets that we enjoy their company in our homes and we get fascinated about their mischievous and playful nature. Cats accords our homes a jovial and pleasant nature given the characters that they possess. Just as in the case of human beings there are cats that are extroverts that will always enjoy making friend with any new person that visits your home, as well as those that are introvert that will always shy away from people may be due to certain bad thing that was done to it by someone in the past and it cannot forget it whenever it see any person.

Just like the way you can teach you kids to have certain character; we can also train our cats to develop a given character that you would want them to have. In case you are looking forward to owning a cat then it will be good to be aware of the following tips that will help you train your cat on the characters that please you.

Lower yourself to their size.
Always try to come to the small level of cats by even crouching down the floor and walking on the floors just the same way cats do. This will make them less scary and will not see you as a threat, thus will take you as one of them and will come and even sniff you thus becoming used to you as a friend.

Act serenely around the cat
Often ensure that you speak in low tone and keep a noiseless surrounding around the cat because noise sometimes scares them. Being calm around the cat will make them have the notion that you either want to enticed them to play or you want to scratch the body that always make them feel like loving you to an extent that they will always lie down on seeing you in your calm state.

Slow Blink
Cats always feel nervous when you look them straight in the eye and as a result they might have the sensation that you are intimidating them and escape from your presence. When it comes to human’s maintenance of an eye contact will ensure that you come to realization of certain things that the person might be facing but this does not happen in case of the cats as they feel uneasy on a direct eye contact.

Consume the play time
Playing is the description of almost all cats when you frequently engage them in playing they will always see you thus start playing with you at any time. Engaging in play is also beneficial for their physical and mental health and will always enable you to generate the best connection with them. Besides, through playing with them you will be able to boost their confidence.

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